Farming Solutions

Besides the advantages described in EXAMPLES, Structured Water brings more efficiency to any farm using water for agriculture and livestock breeding.

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Structured Water provides qualitative and quantitative benefits in agriculture:
Crops yield between 9 and 25 % higher than the average values. This increase can vary according to the crop variety.
This achievement is due to the development of a stronger root system, which improves the absorption of water and nutrients. Plants grow stronger, stabilizing the blossom and fruit.
The mentioned yields can be achieved with fewer fertilisers and pesticides. The produced crop is closer to organic.
Soil permeability and quality are improved.
Irrigation systems, mainly dropping systems, keep its original efficiency, preventing obstructions in droppers and sprayers created by calcium and magnesium deposits. Structured Water can clear systems that are already partly blocked.
In vegetable production, the colour of the leaves gets stronger and brighter. Longer shelf life can be achieved depending on the packaging conditions.
Fruits and vegetables washed with Structured Water reinforce the mentioned advantages. The effect of chlorine used in this process gets stronger, and therefore dosage can be reduced.

Poultry & Livestock

The ingestion of Structured Water by cattle and poultry has the following advantages:
– Better metabolisation of feeds and improved conversion into meat.
– Lower animal mortality at early ages.
– Lower incidence of common diseases.
– Milk quantity and quality improves in dairy livestock.
These advantages also apply to piggery farms where additional advantages are achieved, such as:
– Smell reduction in pig manure and better efficiency in waste treatment processes.
– Smell reduction and a higher level of hygiene in stables and yards when cleaned with Structured Water.
– Anaerobic processes in liquid manure are changed into aerobic, turning manure into bio-fertiliser.

Fish Farming

Using Structured Water in shrimp larvae, farms have demonstrated growth enhancement of the algae Chatoceres Mullerii, which is a fundamental link in the food chain of post larvae, obtaining an increment of 80% in fatty acids, 42% in carotenes and 20% in total chlorophyll.
The bio tests carried out with post-larvae grown in Structured Water show an optimum bronchial development of 98%.
The 11-12 days old larvae increased its length up to 6mm. This is a 20% increase in size in comparison with larvae grown in untreated water. In addition to this size improvement, the postlarvae showed a longer survival time under extreme stress conditions. Also, the larvae survival rate increased from 70% to 90%.
Structured Water decreases the need for chemicals and probiotics for bacteriological control in larvae tanks, which achieves savings in the cost of products, energy and labour.
The same advantages apply to fish farms.
Structured Water also can improve algae for food supplement production, such as spirulina, and biofuel production.