Residential Solutions

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Drinking Water

Structured tap water tastes better, leaving a “round” feeling in the mouth as opposed to the sharp feeling untreated tap water leaves.

Washing & Cleaning

Reduced need for detergents and other cleaning agents; deodorant effect in kitchens and bathrooms.

Food & Beverage

Food bathed in Structured Water lasts longer and tastes better. The antioxidant effect is 30% higher, delaying oxidation (for example in cut apples). Increased enzyme activity for a better fermentation and baking experience. Natural anti-bacterial effect.

House Plants

Plants grow better and stronger, with velvety leaves even in heated rooms. They get resilient to dry air due to heating and big changes in temperature.


Extends the lifespan of coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, heat exchangers and all devices that come into contact with water, preventing corrosion and limescale build-up. Scale removing effect on appliances that are already covered with lime.


Up to 15 % energy savings in radiator heating systems when purged and refilled with Structured Water.

Bath and Shower

Structured Water improves skin and hair condition and avoids limescale on bath screens, baths, basins and fittings.

Air Conditioning

Better heat exchange rates and energy savings due to lower surface tension and limescale removal.


Watering systems, mainly dropping systems, keep their original efficiency, preventing obstructions in droppers and sprayers. Structured Water can clear systems that are already partly blocked. Soil permeability and quality are improved. Plants’ leaves and flowers grow bigger, stronger and more colourful; the root system grows increasing plants’ ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil. Reduced need for fertilisers and pesticides.


Animals grow healthier with stronger immunity and resilience. Their fur gets shinier and, given a choice, they always choose Structured Water versus any other water..

Swimming Pools

Less chlorine, PH control agents and algaecide needed. Skin stays soft and hydrated, and hair does not get damaged by the chemical loaded pool water.