Structured water prevents lime scale and corrosion

Also it improves crop yields, energy savings and sewage water treatment, has anti-bacterial effect and higher molecular hydrogen, improves quality and quantity of meat and milk production in livestock and water quality in swimming pools.

  • Keeps conduits free from limescale, rust, and biofilms, the perfect environment for microbes.
  • Longer life for equipment and piping systems.
  • Old installations can be cleared, avoiding high maintenance and new investments costs.
  • Restores distribution network capacity and heat exchange index in a short time.
  • Structured Water prevents corrosion (red rust and “white corrosion”) through very fast oxidation that creates an isolating coat of magnetite (Fe3O4, black rust).
Exchanger before treatment
Exchanger before treatment
Exchanger after treatment
Exchanger after treatment
Released sediments
Released sediments
Loosened lime scale deposits
Loosened lime scale deposits

Energy savings

Since 1 mm of lime scale causes between 8% and 11% heat transfer losses, preventing it can bring remarkable energy savings.

Anti-bacterial effect


Mesophilic aerobic micro-organisms can be reduced without the use of chemicals. This decrease means lower proliferation risks of micro-organisms such as Legionella Pneumophilia which habitat is the biofilm produced by sediments and corrosion. (They grow at temperatures from 20 – 45ºC, thriving at 36 – 38ºC.)

Lower surface tension

Our Ikozengua water structuring devices are capable of reducing water surface tension by up to 11.7% in extreme water hardness conditions (480 mg/l CaCO3).

Higher crop yields

Crops yield 9 to 25 % higher than average with 50% less fertilizers and pesticides. They are more resistant to flooding and very low temperatures, taste better and have a longer shelf life. Strawberries grow bigger and firmer, have a more intense red colour inside and outside and don´t easily rot.

  • Structured Water enhances crop growth
  • Amount of chemicals used is reduced by 50 %
  • Cut lettuce sprayed with Structured Water extends the shelf life
  • Crops are more resistant to flooding and shallow temperatures


  • Line 1
  • The strawberry plant has more flowers
  • Strawberries grow bigger and firmer
  • They have a longer shelf life
  • They taste better
  • They have a more intense red colour inside and outside
  • They don´t easily rot

Soy sprouts comparison

  • Yield is 11 % higher
  • Length of the sprout increases by 129 %; that is 2.3 times the length of the sprouts irrigated with untreated water
  • The plant’s root system grows 43 %
  • The sprouts have greater consistency in dimension, weight and colour
  • The surface tension in the Structured Water drops 19 %, which speeds up the seed’s absorption of the water and the growth of the sprout

Reduced chemical use

The decrease in surface tension facilitates the waters cleaning effect by decreasing the need for common surfactants, chemical agents and biocides which are used in the maintenance and disinfection of hot water and drinking water circuits, cooling systems, cleaning processes and farming.

  • The decrease in surface tension facilitates the waters cleaning effect by decreasing the need for typical surfactants, chemical agents and biocides which are used in the maintenance and disinfection of hot water and drinking water circuits, cooling systems, cleaning processes and farming.
  • Reduced chemical supplies represent substantial cost savings.
  • Due to its germ-killing capabilities, Structured Water has a deodorant effect in kitchens and toilets with less use of chemicals required.

Effects on sewage water

In wastewater treatment structured water strongly reduces BOD and odour. No need for surfactants and deodorants. 50% less aeration time and electricity costs. Faster and reduced sludge sedimentation. Higher Vorticella Nebulifera. Reduced Normal Hexane in grease traps and septic tanks.

Industrial septic tank

  • After adding Structured Water into the wastewater treatment pit, the BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) and odour have reduced dramatically.
  • As a result, there is no more need for surfactant and deodorant chemicals.
  • Aeration time and electricity costs are reduced by 50%.
  • Sludge sedimentation is faster.
  • Sludge quantity is much lower.
  • The presence of “Vorticella Nebulifera” has increased significantly in the activated sludge.
  • This microorganism naturally cleans the water turning the process into a very efficient water treatment with nearly no waste product. In wastewater treatment, Structured Water strongly reduces BOD, Normal Hexane and odour. No need for surfactants and deodorants.

Restaurant grease trap with ozone treatment

Before installing the water structuring device:
• Normal Hexane 22-44 mg/l

After installing the water structuring device:
• Normal Hexane <1 mg/l and reduced ozone input

Hospital septic tank

Before installing the water structuring device
•  BOD 3000 mg/l
•  Normal Hexane 95 mg/l

After installing the water structuring device
•  BOD 52 mg/l
•  Normal Hexane 1 mg/l

Restaurant septic tank

Before installation
• Normal Hexane 1000 mg/l

Six months after installation
• Normal Hexane 29 mg/l

Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) mg/l
Untreated water280
Structured water48
Suspended Solids (SS) mg/l
Untreated water380
Structured water54

Higher molecular Hydrogen

Structured water releases dissolved Hydrogen in the body over time. Molecular Hydrogen has been shown to have many health benefits due to its anti-oxidant power.

By drinking structured water you get molecular hydrogen continuously released inside your body.

TimeDissolved Hydrogen (ppb)
Untreated waterinitial16
Structured waterafter 24 hrs.170
Structured waterafter 48 hrs.200

25°C (NHE) normal hydrogen electrode

Effects on animal breeding

Better metabolization of feeds. Lower animal mortality and incidence of diseases. Improved milk quantity and quality. Smell reduction in manure, higher efficiency in animal waste treatment and higher hygiene in stalls cleaned with structured water Animal waste converts into bio-fertilizer.

  • Better metabolisation of feeds and its conversion into meat
  • Lower animal mortality in early ages
  • Lower incidence of common diseases
  • Milk quantity and quality improvement in dairy livestock
  • Smell reduction in manure
  • Higher efficiency in animal waste treatment
  • Smell reduction and higher hygiene in stables and yards cleaned regularly with Structured Water
  • Anaerobic processes in liquid manure change into aerobic
  • Animal waste converts into bio-fertilizer

Cattle Breeding

  • After adding Structured Water to the animal´s feed
  • Feed consumption per 0.75 kg daily weight gain reduced from 3.13 kg to 2.89 kg (8%)
  • Cattle matured an average of 10 to 14 days earlier

Poultry Breeding

  • Four groups of turkeys in their second growth phase
  • Two groups were fed with untreated water, two with Structured Water.  
  • Animal feed was the same for both groups.
  • Increase of animal’s weight with no meat quality loss
  • 30% decrease in animal mortality (from 4.3% to 3.0%) 

Effects on swimming pools

After installing a water structuring device the water is clearer.
Chlorine usage has been reduced by more than 50 %. The filter stays very clean. No more E. Coli, Legionella or Novovirus in the pool water lab results, even using half the chlorine. The trainers skin problems have disappeared.

  • Removes and controls limescale in the pool´s body and recycling circuit.
  • Prevents the spreading of microorganisms, stabilizes pH and ORP and controls Legionella and algae growth while reducing the use of chemicals necessary for their control by 20% to 50%.
  • PH and ORP stabilisation reduces corrosion in water distribution pipelines, metallic parts, pumps and accessories in spite of the water´s high chlorine concentrations.
  • Maintains sand, anthracite, and fibre in filtration systems in optimum condition delaying or even preventing degrading and hardening. There are also substantial water savings in backwashing of filters.
  • Reduced chlorine smell and irritation of the skin, nasal membranes and eyes. The skin and hair feel soft even after being in the pool for a prolonged time.