What is structured water?

In structured water, H2O molecules are arranged in an orderly and consistent geometric pattern.
The molecules are arranged in 2D hexagonal shapes, with a 3D tetrahedral arrangement, creating a perfectly ordered matrix of liquid water molecules.
This matrix is similar to solid crystals and for this reason we refer to structured water as crystalline water.

IkoZengua Technology

Our IkoZengua technology consists of a SUS 304 stainless steel cylinder. Inside it there are different Vortex Chambers made of stainless steel parts that have been restructured to make them extremely hydrophilic, thus creating a H3O2 phase with a strong negative charge (as researched by Dr. Gerald Pollack).
As the water flows through the Vortex Chambers, hundreds of small vortices are created that merge, generating amplified implosion energy. These centripetal forces act like the vortices of a stream with rocks and pebbles, mimicking the way water is purified in pure nature.
The combined action of these effects generates ionic dynamics that create highly coherent structured water without the need for magnets or electricity.