What is structured water?

In structured water, the H2O molecules are arranged in an ordered, consistent, geometrical pattern.
The structured water molecules come together into what we see as hexagonal shapes in 2D, with a tetrahedral arrangement in 3D, creating a perfectly ordered liquid water molecule matrix. 

This matrix is similar to solid crystals. Therefore we can refer to structured water as crystalline water.

Terahertz-Ceramic Technology

Our Terahertz-Ceramic technology consists of a stainless steel SUS 304 cylinder filled with different types of Ceramic spheres and electronic grade monocrystalline Terahertz-Silicon with a purity of 11N (= 99.99999999999 % pure Silicon)
As water flows through, it creates many vortexes that merge, generating amplified implosion energy due to centripetal forces similar to water in a creek with rocks and pebbles.
The 11N purity Terahertz-Silicon has a remarkably coherent molecular structure which reproduced in the water molecules.
The different types of Ceramic spheres attract far infrared light and release negative ions.
The combined action of these effects generates ionic dynamics that create highly coherent structured water without the need for magnets or electricity.