More hydrated, better looking skin. Small wrinkles, allergies and itching are reduced. Hair becomes softer, shinier, healthier and stronger. The scalp absorbs hair treatments better. Nails become stronger and more resistant.


Eliminates toxins that the body absorbs every day from food, drinks, air fresheners, cleaning and disinfecting products and cosmetics. Even toxins accumulated in the tissues over the years are eliminated.


All body systems function better as they are more hydrated and freed from toxins. The brain functions better and cognitive decline is prevented. Colon function is optimised by eliminating waste more regularly and absorbing nutrients better. Joints are decalcified, pain is reduced, and veins and arteries are freed of deposits that hinder circulation. Heavy metals are eliminated, which cause problems in various functions of the body, especially brain function.


Cells are re-hydrated and eliminate accumulated toxins, considerably reducing the stress they are subjected to. The organs absorb more water, becoming more plump and thus counteracting the opposite effect that comes with aging.

Children and babies

Giving children and babies filtered structured water avoids the hormone disruptors in plastic bottles and canisters. It helps them eliminate toxins and their brain and other organs can develop optimally, strengthening their ability to learn and grow. Baby’s delicate skin is better moisturised when bathed in structured water and the risk of allergies is reduced.

Oxygen and hydrogen

The blood increases its oxygen level, strengthening the immune system in its fight against infections and malignant cells. Structured water releases dissolved/molecular hydrogen (H2), the most powerful antioxidant in the body, which is also able to penetrate 100% of the tissues due to its small size.