Carola G.

I purchased our first water activator in 2006 for our family home. We immediately noticed the difference in the quality of the water. Since then I have installed additional activators in other properties on the estate, the latest of which was in 2019.

Susan F.

I have been using your structured water device for several years now, and can taste the difference in our water – I no longer like tap water from anywhere else. It is great to have peace of mind about what we are drinking and given the importance of water to a healthy life, a structured water device has been a great investment and is essentially a fantastic, natural water filter.

Tatjana K. 

I have used the water activator for a number of years. It is a brilliant addition to the home. I have never been a big water drinker, but this makes a big difference. When you drink you feel refreshed and hydrated. There is no chemical or unnatural taste as you would find from the water purifier or normal tap water. There is no major build- up of scale in my household appliances.  My house plants are amazing, not discoloured.  So all round this is a real positive and highly recommended.    

Simon R.

I always keep a small bottle of water beside my bed as I like to have a swig if I wake up thirsty. I used to find that after a few days if there was still water in the bottle it would become ‘infected’ with bacteria and the taste would mean I had to change it.
I am not drinking more or less during the nights now, but since we put in the water restructuring device I have not once had to change the water, it does stay fresher longer.

Richard E.

We have had the water Activator in action for a while now. Here are a few observations: Using Neways natural liquid washing machine detergent, it was necessary to reduce the quantity by over half to stop excess foaming. A good wash can be achieved at 30C temperature. The dishwasher powder requirement is less, the wash cycle reduced and the need for rinse aid reduced. Hair shampoo and soap needs substantially reduced. Plant growth, both in pots and garden, accelerated and more healthy. We find the water more palatable to drink and drink more. If the plants like it, it must be good for us as well!

Ingrid S.

Many thanks for the great water activator. Our water is totally soft since we installed it and it tastes incredibly delicious. Since then I drink much more water and take a water bottle with me everywhere.
Finally no more lugging around annoying boxes of water bottles from the supermarket! Just turn on the tap and enjoy!

Carla O.

I think of you often because I am always very glad that we now have really good water. And all my friends who also bought your water device are very grateful. After all a healthy diet is not the only thing if there is a lack of a daily intake of good water. It´s just part of it. I thank you again for your good advice.

Sigrid S.  

More than 10 years ago we bought our water activator and had it installed. Since then we have all lived with activated water and are still enthusiastic about it. At home, at my the praxis and in ah ouse which we rent out we only have this living water. Some of my clients were equally impressed and bought a device.
The water is softer, it is wonderful to drink and we need less washing powder and detergent. Another advantage is that the devices are maintenance-free and there are no follow-up costs for for any cartridge replacements.

Liga S.

As soon as I received the activator, I was very curious – whether I, as a NO gourmet, would really notice the difference. But the result was absolutely clear – the activated water tasted better – milder, more pleasant. I also showed the activated water to my colleagues and students at the university to taste – everyone immediately recognised which water had been treated. Strangely enough I have much more desire for the delicious, light water (although I often simply forgot to drink plenty of water before). My plants and bouquets also get the good water – I can’t report on growth yet (too short time), but the bouquets are surprisingly fresh when I return home after several days of absence!

Eduardo F., Resort Manager     

A few months ago we contacted you to request a water activator for our complex of 24 tourist apartments in Ibiza, where the water quality is quite bad. The hardness of the water has always caused us many problems with the appliances, the water pumps, the swimming pool, the water treatment plant and even the gardening. In May we installed your water activator and the result has been most satisfactory. A few days later we already started seeing the results: the quality of the water was totally different, the water had a new texture and properties that we never thought we could achieve. The effect was immediate in the pool, including the whole purification circuit: the effectiveness in purifying the water, the quality of the water, the work of the motor and the ease of cleaning. The same happened with the sewage treatment plant. Inside the apartments, the improvement was also outstanding. It was noticeable in the pipes, hot water heaters, washing machines, coffee machines, faucets, showers and plumbing circuits, where the hardness of the water previously caused many problems of wear, oxidation and breakage. Since we started using the activator, we have noticed that there are far fewer problems in all these areas. Maintenance work that was a daily occurrence a few months ago has become anecdotal. The customers themselves have commented on the transformation thanks to the water activator. They were the first to let me know the difference! For all of the above I wanted to thank you for the service you have provided, how you have managed to improve the quality of our water and make my job much easier, and I would like to express my gratitude for the proper functioning of the activator, for the ease of installation, for not requiring any maintenance and for the promptness with which you sent me your product.

Alejandro L.  

The water heater maintenance guy is amazed at how ours looked compared to our neighbours’ that don’t have the water activator. The municipal hard water that we get doesn’t calcify around metals as it does without the activator. The water does taste different for the better and feels smoother or lighter. It is hard to describe, but we certainly notice the difference when it has been activated.After installing the activator unit in the pumping room, the lime scale white ring around the pool was easily removed -almost by hand- while before it was literally impossible to get rid of it.
The experiment I was able to conduct at a friend’s 4-hectar growing field (lettuce) passing the well-water through the activator before watering the field was amazing. Even since the first week after planting the seeds, one could see the tiny green leaves popping out of the soil a day or 2 before the ones in the control lot of land. At day 50, the difference in color, formation and size could be seen from yards away. The agronomists could not come up with an explanation.
The maintenance manager at a very large plastic injection plant could not believe that after recirculating activated water through their clogged injection moulds it was able to de-crust the lime scale build-up in the cooling veins inside the metal of the mould and actually get them back to production. These moulds cost well over US$200,000 and take months to make.”